If you are planning your wedding please read my comments below. Even if you decide not to book me, please speak to and meet your DJ before your wedding and discuss your requirements.

Would you book your reception without visiting the venue or buy your wedding dress without trying it on?

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Wedding days are meticulously planned with every ‘I’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed, but how much time have you devoted to your evening celebration and your choice of DJ?

I am an experienced DJ with a vast amount of knowledge of wedding days. I have been involved in producing and playing music for church services, ceremonies and wedding receptions.. As a DJ I have been involved in all aspects of wedding day arrangements, and this experience is available to you, free of charge, when you book me. I offer a complete service from providing public address systems for ceremonies and speeches, producing music for your ceremony, back round music for your reception, compering your day and providing the celebration disco. You can choose as much or as little as you require. Every wedding is unique and special to you.

My daughter, recently married and I was able to give her advice and help her with timings, the tempo of the day, décor, lighting and music selection. I now have added experience of wedding preparation from the bride and groom's perspective, so I know what you are going through.

At your wedding evening celebration are you expecting your guests to just turn up, have a couple of drinks, dance the night away to some tunes played by a guy in the corner, and have the time of their lives? I don’t think so.

A good wedding DJ knows this will not happen, unless a lot of planning and preparation is undertaken.

The more weddings I perform at, I realise that listening to the finer detail is important. Listening not only to the bride and groom, but the hotel staff, florists, best man/woman and other people who are involved in the day. Keeping in touch with the bride and groom between the booking and wedding provides information; helps me produce the right result for you.

Your DJ is not just responsible for ’playing the right song at the right time’. It is the DJ who your guests turn to, to ask “what’s happening?” or “when do we eat?” etc. DJ's impart information, make announcements, and introduce honoured guests. Your DJ sets the scene for toasts, cutting the cake, bride and groom’s first dance, or bouquet throwing.

As your DJ, I want to meet you and visit your venue well before your wedding day. I want to know how you visualise your special day. How can I make it even more special for you? Music, lighting, bespoke themes or something different. Anything is possible!

Please remember that your evening celebration will last for at least 5 hours. No other part of your wedding day will take up this amount of time. Therefore it is important to choose your entertainment wisely. Please plan your budget to include a professional DJ.

I pride myself in providing a top quality and personal service.

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I recently accepted a wedding booking, where I was asked by the couple, "What back up systems do you have?". I explained that I had a secondary laptop, CD players, hard drives, sound and light systems. I always carry boxes of back up of CD's," just in case".
The couple had just been to a large wedding, where the DJ's laptop crashed, he had no back up system, and spent the rest of the evening in a panic, playing a limited number songs from a mobile phone! Not ideal.

Your wedding day is live, dynamic and fluid. There is no room for error. It is a one off occasion. Your choice of DJ will be remembered by you and your guests. Please choose a professional DJ to complete your perfect day.